The Synergia programme will be executed by a team consisting of 26 full time researchers (18 PhD students, 6 PDEng students and 2 Postdocs), supervised by renowned scientist from five top universities in the Netherlands collaborating with key industrial partners. This programme is led by P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp, supported by a programme management team consisting of the ten work package leaders. The programme is planned to kick-off in October 2020, and will run for seven years until 2027.

Peter Groot Koerkamp
Scientific programme director

Arnout Fischer
Leader Work Package 5: Societal aspects and  transition

Wouter-Jan Schouten
General manager

Anja Dieleman
Leader Agros Project
Leader Use Case 1: Horticulture

Niels Anten
Leader Work Package 1: Understanding biological aspects

Yvette de Haas
Leader Use Case 2: Dairy faming

Marion Matters
Leader Work Package 2: Smart crop and animal sensing

Jan Kamp
Leader Use Case 3: Arable crops

Tamas Keviczky
Leader Work Package 3: Intelligent control and decision making

Haris Ahmad Khan
Project support

Dannis Brouwer
Leader Work Package 4: Robotic handling

Aafke van den Boom
Project support